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    OPTIMIK® is a high-quality cutting software that helps you save not only time, but also money. It is made for everyone who needs a reliable cutting optimization software for generating optimal cut diagrams for panel and bar materials. If you are one of people, you have just found the right product.

    As everybody knows, time is the most valuable asset and Optimik can help you save a lot of it by providing you with optimized cutting layouts. You can get more parts with less waste from all sheet and pipe matarials as plywood, chipboard, MDF, OSB, glass panels, steel bars, metal profiles, lineal wood boards and others.


Overview by versions
Legend: + (added), * (corrected ), - (cancelled)

9.10.2019 - 3.54
+ export of parts for company JafHolz
+ file signed by SSL certificate

* inclusion of all parts in the calculation of the cutting plan
* showing on higher DPI
* export for CNC Macmazza (export of rotated parts)
* export for CNC HOLZMA - encoding of file = UTF-8 W/O BOM, modification of the JOBS section
* export to text file in automatic mode
* denied access to documents and business partners for selected users
* transition to a new database

10.4.2019 - 3.53
+ export for CNC cutting machines FELDER 4 Kappa Automatic Classic
+ export for CNC cutting machines ETALON

* export for CNC cutting machines SCM (format XPRG) - final part's dimensions in fields Campo21 and Campo22
* other minor fixes and improvements

28.9.2018 - 3.52
+ fields "contact person" and "telephone" for print of documents

* export for CNC cutting machines SCM (old format, first cuts by width)
* other minor fixes and improvements

6.4.2018 - 3.51
+ print set GDPR (bussiness partner + list of connected documents)
+ business partner anonymization
+ export for SCM CNC saws (new XPRG format)
+ export for FELDER CNC saws
+ customizable name of export file (via the "MyExportName" variable in the FastReport editor)
+ skin "Material Paper"

* adding the PARTS_UDI section to the export for the HOLZMA CNC saws
* adjustments of export for SCM and FELDER CNC saws
* saving of grid settings (list of orders)
* other minor fixes and improvements

24.9.2017 - 3.50
+ export data for the Paoloni CNC saw
+ thumbnails on selecting skins
+ possibility to set "in-line " dimensions in the cutting plan (length x width or width x length)
+ print set "Products and parts"
+ inventory list filter (for import, for easier search)
+ "AlterMetro 2016" skin
+ Bulgarian language

* statistics of the cutting plan edited in the editor
* moving parts into plans only from jobs in state "Running"
* price of the format when selecting it into document
* preferential use of offcuts in the cutting plan
* improved parameter "Prefer large parts"
* table columns settings
* selection of associated operation (only operations that have the same measure unit as material)
* moving to a new database
* optional rounding of document’s total price
* export of rotated parts for the CNC saws of SCM
* other minor adjustments and corrections

3.6.2016 - 3.49
+ new additional module "Cutting Assistant"

* run the program on Windows with bigger font size (DPI)
* other minor adjustments and corrections

25.5.2016 - 3.48

+ additional module "Cutting plans editor"
+ calculation of the estimated time of cutting
+ help in Italian
+ option "Generate codes of parts" in the exports for CNC cutting machines SCM
+ skin "Notes Plastic"

* export of cutting plans with the cleaning cuts for cutting machines SCM
* printing of labels for linear cutting plans
* create a new document with a predefined bank account
* refresh the list of formats after a material change in the cutting plan
* other minor adjustments and corrections

19.11.2015 - 3.47
+ default order of parts of job
+ column "discounted price" (in the list of jobs)
+ possibility to use an external PDF printer
+ optional grayed buttons
+ skin "Windows 10"

* displaying of the user name + date (for creation/edit of job or document)
* deleting multiple parts from cutting plans
* parameter "Choose the most appropriate format" was returned into the calculation
* completed and amended Portuguese translation
* displaying on a higher resolutions DPI
* adjusted export for CNC cutting machine SCM (label printing directly at machine)
* images of products (on label printing)
* length of edge tapes in documents (created from job/material)
* other minor adjustments and corrections

10.04.2015 - 3.46
+ import from KD Max

* setting of the current product in the window "Add product to Job"
* missing labels on some cutting plans
* price of the product with accessories (in the module Products)
* other minor adjustments and corrections

25.03.2015 - 3.45
+ quick search by name and ZIP code (in the list of countries and cities)
+ more powerful calculation
+ improved import of PRO100 (choice of individual edge tape for each material)
+ advanced options of the auto import / export
+ Greek language

* conditional use of offcuts in the calculation
* name of the logged user on printsets and in the Jobs
* copy of drawings when adding products to Job (from module Products)
* correct language in the window with information about the new version
* other minor adjustments and corrections

02.02.2015 - 3.44
+ adjustable count of rows for scrolling in tables

* filtering of cutting plans without an issue card
* formats - select all/unselect all
* rotating of parts on the material without grain

28.01.2015 - 3.43
+ function to update the accessories in the Job
+ possibility of setting the method of packaging for each accessory
+ quick editing of accessory in the Job

* name of the cutting plan is created automatically only if it is not specified

23.01.2015 - 3.42
+ advanced settings of grids (order of columns and their visibility)
+ import/export of images of products/stock items
+ possibility to assign two accessories to each part
+ packing the parts and accessories in the job
+ print set "Packages" (Calculation of the Job)
+ possibility to assign the drawing (as a second image) to the products and their components
+ print set "Drawings" (Product's parts in the Job)
+ better optimization of the defected material
+ export of cutting plans to TXT (for backward compatibility with old OPTIMIK 2.36c)
+ status window for the automatic import/export
+ filtering of cutting plans
+ grid with list of jobs "connected" to cutting plan
+ print set "List of cutting plans" with statistics
+ common settlement document for all filtered cutting plans
+ more options when creating a document from the job
+ export print sets to XLSX files (Excel)
+ width of the minimal useful cut off
+ user name, date and time of creation and last edit of job
+ internal notes in the jobs and products
+ possibility of entering at least 4 different sizes of useful cut-offs (A, B, C, D)
+ automatic marking of cut offs by size on cutting plan (A, B, C, D)
+ adding, editing and deleting data in grids by using the keys +/*/-
+ filtering of the formats of material in cutting plan
+ more powerful calculation without the optional parameter settings
+ automatic selection of the most appropriate format of material for the cutting plan
+ "Date of the last receipt/issue" was added to the filters in Stock

* print sets alphabetically ordered
* import from PRO100
* stock items updating through import
* export expansion to the CNC cutting machines Holzma
* transfer of the product/item note to the document of the job
* cutting plans ordering by material
* false warning "Debugger detected"
* false virus warning

10.09.2014 - 3.41
* export of cutting plans for CNC saw machine Macmazza (codes of edge tapes)

07.09.2014 - 3.40
+ mass calculation of all uncalculated cutting plans
+ optional setting of the default cutting parameters
+ individual program settings for each user
+ optional automatic mode (import > calculate cutting plans > export)
+ button for saving changed parameters of calculation
+ skins Notes Leather and Spring Willow
+ portugal language

* LICENSE is bound to user, not to computer, since this version. If you have not received a new license file yet, please contact us.
* clearer window "Program settings"
* transfer to new database
* conversion of data from old Optimik 2.36c
* selection of business partner
* import formats of material for cutting plans (NF)
* editing types of taxes (in the "Taxes" window)
* other minor adjustments and corrections

31.05.2014 – 3.33
+ individual filter for each document type
+ remembering the set filters
+ option to set column widths in the tables
+ remembering the set column widths in the tables
+ quick search of the product according to its name in the module Products
+ option to select from more formats ( parameters) of import and export
+ option to change data order by import and export
+ special import for actualization of inventory and stock items/formats
+ import of parts from program PRO100
+ import of parts from program Hettich Selection
+ import of parts from program BLUM Dynaplan
+ into export for CNC saw machine Biesse added parameters CabInfo (job name) and CabDesc (product code)
+ into export for CNC saw machine SCM added codes and names of the jobs and product+names of business partners
+ in the initial window database opens automatically according to one that was opened in the previous work with the program
+ option to select operation for product part (if you chose from stock and not from inventory)
+ option to enter description and note to each material in the job
+ option of individual edit of price and overconsumption of each material in the job
+ voluntary record entry of the changed parameters after computation of the cutting plan
+ print set “Labels for products in the job”
+ print set “Jobs and products”
+ separation of the pictures into groups
+ option for selection of multiple pictures for their mass upload to register
+ pictures of the decors of the boards from company Kronospan (in the installation file of the program)
+ view of the actual material inventory (over which is the cursor) in module “Jobs”

* change of the license system (credits)
* remembering of the window parameters for user login
* correct filter switch off before job import
* use of formats without inventory (but with parameter “Unlimited inventory” that is on)
* data conversion from old Optimik
* print set “List of material”
* condensed name of the export file for CNC saws Macmazza
* other minor adjustments and corrections

5.12.2013 – 3.32
+ search in jobs
+ an option to add a product directly in the job (making a copy from module “Products”)
+ indication of the parts that have forbidden rotation, if the parts are without grain
+ preferential use of the cut offs and formats with defects by computation of the cutting plans (regardless of the table order)
+ an option to use only cut offs from which no new usable cut offs arise in cutting plans
+ an option of automatic selection of the most suitable format by cutting plan computation
+ an option to enter unlimited reserve to selected (for usage in the cutting plan)
+ faster computation
+ quantification of attributable sawdust to the in the print set “Cutting plan”
+ an option to enter the price of one part to the summary document of the cutting plan
+ an option to remove a part from a not yet completed cutting plan
+ mass removal of the parts from the cutting plan (components of selected product or job)
+ preview of the supplement for cutting on the cutting plans
+ version CNC : export of the cutting plan (*.PTX) for CNC format saw machines Holzma/Homag Group (CADMatic+CADLink)
+ version CNC : export of the cutting plan (*.XML) pre CNC format saw machines /SCM Group (WinCut)
+ voluntary adding of parameters of the product into the description by copying in the job
+ mass change of the selected parameter in all displayed products
+ an option to edit used operations
+ automatic setting of the VAT by creation of new database
+ optional display and print of parts weight
+ recalculation of the quantity and price from unit value by editing the format or document item
+ weight of formats in the stock
+ filter of format in the stock
+ print set “List of formats”
+ print set “Labels for each piece of format”
+ automatic location of the tables and selection boxes with mouse cursor
+ improved selection and indication of the main print set
+ display of information and confirmation windows at the cursor position
+ transfer to new database
+ skins “Notes Wood” and “Notes Sport”

* adjusted users interface
* print set “Revenue and expense” in stock item
* usage of pre-defined tax rates in document item
* adjusted print set “Cutting plan”
* option entering edging strip with zero value of the width
* parts dimensions without addition for trimming on the labels of the cutting plan.
* other minor adjustments and corrections

1.7.2013 – 3.31
+ skin “NextAlpha”
* job import (if, due to double entry, the job was missing, items of other jobs were not imported)
* import of stock and operations items (similar as in case of jobs)
* display of the window with the list of users

28.6.2013 – 3.30
+ automatic creation of the name of the cutting plan ( whenever it is not specified) regardless of the program settings
* creation of new database
* Polish language

26.6.2013 – 3.29
+ cutting plan for the window sills (and other cases when it is needed to place parts in one row next to each other)
+ extended users rights
+ job and its products value also in the stock prices
+ job profit
+ pictures and stock prices in the print set “Material list”(job calculation)
+ option to move job into other group
+ adjustable folder for automatic database backup
+ selection of the operation to product item with the help of a separate button (without the necessity of defining the assigned operations)
* adjusted and extended HELP
* incorrect assignment of material in the product item, if this material was manually created when importing
* part edit/grain with the double click in the module “Cutting plans”
* other minor adjustments and corrections

22.3.2013 – 3.28
+ formula for calculating the dimension of the panel expanded to 8 members
+ formula for calculating the component dimensions expanded for the parameters of type “number”
+ option to select picture ( for stock item, product or document item) in window with preview
+ import of the formats into the cutting plans
+ skins iOS4 and Longhorn
* replacement of the dashes and densification of the name of the export file for CNC saw Macmazza
* import of the business partners (data #30)
* edging strip export of the loose part for saw Macmazza
* edit of the formula for computation of the part dimension of the product
* other minor adjustments and corrections

21.2.2013 – 3.27
+ optional adding of the name of the material and cutting plan into the name of the exported file for CNC saw machine
+ limit 20 characters in the name length of the exported file for Macmazza CNC saw machine
+ optional parts grouping ( by dimensions or even edging strips) on the print set “List of parts)
+ option to enter price of the stock item and document items with 2-4 decimal places
+ display of the dimensions of the final part in the module “Cutting plan”
+ option to create order of the parts of the cutting plan into such an order in which they were entered (by assigned first column)
+ print set “List of parts” for cutting plans
+ option to enter the stock price also for operations/service ( because of job calculation from stock prices and margins)
+ internal note to stock item and format
+ defining supplier to each stock item
+ filtering of the stock items by supplier
+ print set “List of material of all jobs in production”
+ option to deactivate users
+ display of the issue date and last edit of the document together with the user name of the person who did this change
* edited print set “List of materials” (job calculation)
* automatic job numbering
* remembering of the position ( current item) in stock when adding new document items
* spread of the tables in module “Jobs”
* other minor adjustments and corrections
- setting of the number of the decimal places by unit prices of the document items

1.2.2013 – 3.26
+ improved optimization when prioritizing big parts
+ improved automatic numbering of documents and jobs
+ optional print of stamp and discount in the document
+ total weight of the stock item also displayed in stock reserve
+ direct entry of the item quantity if the product does not contain parameter of the type “Number”
+ picture of the product in print set “Product items”
+ quick edit of the part transferred from job in module “Cutting plan|”
+ pre-defined quantity 1 pc for new parts and formats
+ print of the labels for formats of panel and bar materials
+ option to delete database
+ skin “AlterMetro”
+ Russian language
* added and adjusted help (Slovak version)
* in print set “Stocktaking” listed only formats with non-zero balance/reserve
* in print set “List of parts”( job calculation) combined equal parts for all materials
* changing the font Arial Narrow in print sets by standard font Arial
* stock items created manually during the import process will be kept even after potential import cancel
* pre-defining of the parameters of the cutting plan by selected stock item
* keeping thickness by cloning of the stock item
* saving the formula by entering dimensions of the parts in module “Jobs”
* filter of the product items in module “Jobs”
* other minor adjustments and corrections

29.12.2012 – 3.25
+ on-line license activation

5.12.2012 – 3.24
+ export of the cutting plan into text file is now available also in version Optimik Premium
+ export of the cutting plan into a text file with additional list of formats, cut offs, and edging strips
+ optional automatic creating of the name of the cutting plan from numbers of the jobs and its parts
+ adding the name of the material into pre-defined name of the export file of the cutting plan
* job number in parts transferred into cutting plan in module “Cutting plans”
* quick switch in jobs between parts and calculation with the help of one button
* quick switch in cutting plans between parts and plans with the help of one button
* combined button for adding parts and switch into cutting plans in module “Jobs”
* automatic computation of the new code of the product/stock item/business partner
* missing icons on some buttons
* other minor adjustments and corrections

13.11.2012 – 3.23
+ edit of the document status also in case that they are already assigned
+ optional symbols for each status in document (also in the table of the documents)
+ quick edit of the document status (double click on the symbol of the document status)
* amounts in the print set “List of the parts of the job” (grouped according to material and dimensions)

7.11.2012 – 3.22
+ Buttons for quick transfer in between modules
+ two optional automatic operations when adding product into job – closing the window and opening module “Job”
+ option of manual entry of product price (in module “Products”)
+ option of manual numbering of jobs and documents
+ option to edit jobs in different groups and in different independent number orders
+ optional numbering of all panels (including those which are identical) in cutting plans
+ prohibition to edit standard print sets (provided with program)
+ automatically create a copy of the standard print set when trying to edit it
+ optional calculation of the product price from stock prices and from the selected margin
+ remembering of the position of the current record when turning off the filters or the groups in all modules
+ print set “List of the part of the job” ( grouped in accordance with materials and dimensions)
* setting “Extra for trim” according to cutting parameters before actual cutting plan computation
* deletion of the state from register
* error when creating new item of the document when automatic opening of the stock is set
* re-computation of the job after edit of the assigned issue card
* view of the option “All jobs” in module Jobs
* list of the parts of the jobs transferred into module “Jobs”
* list of the parts of the cutting plans transferred into module “Cutting plans”
* minimalization of the whole application
* other minor adjustments and corrections

10.10.2012 – 3.21
+ pre-defined selections “do not edit dimensions of the part”
+ option to adjust currency even it was already used
* cutting plan delete
* texts in some of the information windows was added
* cloning and deletion of some products entered in older versions of the program
* transfer of the business partner into other group
* operation items – selection from stock
* option to create new business partner in some other older databases
* button “Save” in window “Tax”
* filter of the stock items
* copy of the edging strips when copying of current product into other product
* other minor adjustments and corrections

4.10.2012 – 3.20
* copy of the product into job

3.10.2012 – 3.19
+ search application in Stock and Business partners modules
+ move of the sub-groups without the need to hold the SHIFT key
+ application enables design changes to so called SKIN ( in system menu in main window – Optimik icon)
+ fast selection of period in filters
+ fast move between modules “Jobs” and “ Cutting Plans” with automatic search of the current component
+ accelerated loading of the cutting plans
+ corrected optimization algorithm (better results for plans with multiple identical components)
+ cutting plan statistics optional also in weight units
+ an option to change material of the cutting plan if it only contains manually entered components
+ an option to select item material directly from stock
+ overconsumption of the edging strip also in mm
+ edging strips were added from manually entered components to the issue card of the cutting plan
+ automatic computation of the price and weight of the products in module “Products”
+ an option to enter item with null quantity (in “Products”)
+ copy of the product into another product
+ automatic remembering of the status preview and zoom of the print sets
+ optional remembering of the selected printer and number of the copies for each print set
+ an option for the selection of other network database entering its alias
+ component import into cutting plans
+ an option to substitute non-existing stock item by other stock item in import
+ supplier’s logo in the PNG format
+ window position memory (relative to position of the superior window)
+ number of the cutting plan in print set “List of job components “
+ expanding the status of the job with “cancelled “and “completed”
+ fast change of the job status ( with double click)
+ optional date of the finished job
+ adjustable maximal width of the cut in export for CNC Macmazza saw machines
+ optional print of the consecutive number of parts in cutting plan
+ optional print of the component list at the beginning of the cutting plan
* cancelling of the variants in the stock, and their automatic transfer to valid items
* combination of the stock item
* deletion of the material from the customer in the window “Computation of the cutting plan”
* adjusted user interface (modules in separate windows)
* adjusted modules Jobs, Business Partners and Cutting plans
* adjusted filter control
* adjusted translation of Turkish language
* label print to the cutting plan according to entered parameters
* item deletion in document recap
* job calculation – all data moved into the table
* print set “Separated list of items in window “Job calculation”
* calculation of the edging strip in cutting plan with components with multiple widths or lengths
* length and number of cuts in cutting plans with components with multiple widths or lengths
* import/export format selection moved into program settings
* multi line texts of the previous records ( Cr changed to CR+LF) by export into existing text file
* optional code print and component name in the cutting plan
* other minor adjustments and corrections

30.4.2012 – version 3.18
+ warning in document by business partner for which the tax is not allowed, when adding tax
+ label print in the same order in which the parts and the cut offs are cut
+ print of the final part dimensions on the label
+ automatic creation of given sub folder for file export *.PRO for CNC saw machine Macmazza
+ statistics of the edging strips by print of the cutting plan
+ display of the name of the used database and logged user in the top of the main window
+ manual in Italian language
* adjusted export for CNC Macmazza saw machine and CYWWM
* data conversion from old Optimik 2.36c
* identification of the missing material in stock
* delete option of the village from the state and city register
* centring of the initial window on the active screen when using multiple monitors
* the print set “label with all data” adjusted
* label print – dimension turn and part strips, which is rotated in the cutting plan
* prices of the formats on the issue card for the cutting plan
* it is possible to also use small letters in the new and in the restored database
* ignoring the parameter “max. length of the cut” by computation of the cutting plan for bar materials
* move by mouse wheel scroll in the list of the pictures
* cancelation of the warning message about the end of the user’s support ( information about the licence moved into window “About ” … )
* the button which was not able to access “Cutting plans” in case of smaller size of the main program window
* other minor corrections and adjustments

15.12.2011 – 3.17
+ French language
+ broader setting options by label print
+ adjustable separator sign for export of the cutting plan into a text file TXT (CNC version)
* import of formats/variants for existing stock item
* entering formats of the bar material before cutting plan computation
* keeping the current position in the memory in table after filter is switched off
* option to save entered “sale price adjustments” in program settings
* rounding of the entered quantity in stock item ( by type of the selected stock item)
* copy of associated operations by stock item cloning
* other minor corrections and adjustments

17.11.2011 – 3.16
+ Optimik manual in German and Spanish language
+ Turkish and Spanish language
+ optional print preview display (this option can be switched on or off in the window with print set selection)
+ automatic highlighting of the product components with null or negative dimension or quantity
* data conversion from previous Optimik
* component copy with more lengths or widths from module Products to jobs
* other minor corrections and adjustments

14.10.2011 – 3.15
+ added name of the cutting plan into predefined name of the exported file for CNC saw machines
+ automatic movement of the window position when opening a database on computers with lower screen resolution
+ saving of the position of all windows relative to the position of the main window (when moving main window all other windows will be moved automatically also)
* adding components into cutting plan in database created in version 3.13 or 3.14
* preview of the pictures in a separate window
* quicker saving of new or corrected records
* display of the total amount in module “Jobs”
* other minor corrections and adjustments

5.10.2011 – 3.14
+ print set “1 label for each part” for DYMO printer
+ select/deselect all formats with right click of the mouse before computation of the cutting plan
+ only cut offs, which can further be used (at least for the given percentage) will be used in cutting the plan
+ an option to set a cut colour of the cutting plans
* error message RK-2 in the cutting plan
* window with selection of copied products into jobs was adjusted
* quicker listing and loading of the parts in the cutting plans
* quicker adding of the parts from jobs into cutting plans
* prohibiting deletion of the stock item if it contains formats/variants
* prohibiting addition parts from jobs into already computed cutting plans
* recount of the dimensions and part quantity of the product after its cloning ( in module “Products”)
* missing external CNC commands in export for Biesse
* other minor corrections and adjustments

11.9.2011 – 3.13
+ name was added in the cutting plan and also option of its edition
+ overview of jobs was added in cutting plan from which its components are
+ an option add components from jobs only into current cutting plan
+ an option of manual entering and cloning of the components directly in module “Cutting plans” avoiding recording these in job
+ an option to edit all components directly in “Cutting Plan” module
+ print sets “Labels with all details “
+ print set “ 1 label for each component”
+ an option to set a cutting minimum which is less than cut width
+ an option to connect exported data into existing file
+ an option sort/list material formats according to their order number (and edit these when needed) before computation of the cutting plan
+ display of number of the components which were not included in the cutting plan
+ optional rotation of the components in the cutting plans of the panel materials without grain
+ an option of quick editing of the stock format reserve before computation of the cutting plan
+ entering of the defected formats directly in the window “Computation of the cutting plan”
+ a feature of quick search of the issue card of the particular cutting plan in module “Documents”
+ cut offs are combined according to the formats from which they were created
+ when recording cut offs from cutting plan into the stock their prices and names will be derived from formats from which they were created
+ cloning of format/variant and addresses
+ individual retail price and stock card for each format/variant
+ option of cloning by selection from stock or from register of business partners
+ overview of formats/variants directly in module “Stock”
+ option to print inventory for stock items including their formats/variants
+ export of the cutting plan into a text file with the structure as it was in original Optimik ( CNC version) + an option to export data into existing file (CNC version)
+ display of all component dimensions in module Job, Products and Cutting plan
+ an option to add pictures to document items
+ print set “Document with pictures of stock items”
+ picture register directly in database ( click Menu-Other registers-Pictures and re-download of all pictures from the files)
* accelerated loading cutting plans
* cutting plan deletion is prohibited if an issue card is issued to this particular cutting plan
* automatic back up moved to folder “ My documents\Optimik\Backup”
* transfer of product groups and addresses from sub-group to 1. level and back
* adding of the product into different job ( copying from product register)
* computation of the dimension of the component if any of the parameters has a code starting with X or 0X
* register of the reserve and movements of panel and bar materials in pieces
* the way of colour selection of the stock item and colour of the cutting plan was adjusted
* thickness of the cloned material in stock
* design adjustment
* other minor corrections and adjustments

14.7.2011 – 3.12
+ stock item cloning
+ adjustable thickness of the line for print of edging strips on the cutting plan
+ last print set is remembered for each table or window
+ possibility to define main print set for each table or window (for automatic print no need to select)
+ added data in print set “Cutting plan” – edge size (trim) and number of cutting plans on which single formats are used
+ optional print of cut offs in print sets “Cutting plan ” and “Labels”
+ print of the list of formats of the cutting plan (sorted and grouped according to their dimensions and edging strips)
+ option to include discount directly into the document item price (individual option for each business partner )
+ Czech language included
* adding of the item “Job status” into job export/import
* adjustment of the cutting plan (font size, description centring, cancelling of the colour highlighting of the cuts for better visibility of edge strips)
* print set “Cutting plan” – format numbering
* one line description in too narrow formats with edging strips in cutting plan
* enter quantity less than 1 in product item in job
* adding of new bar format into the cutting plan
* status of the cutting plan in case it was not possible to save all bar components using computation (version 3.11 marked such cutting plan as “Computed”)
* other minor adjustments and corrections

16.6.2011 – 3.11
+ job, product and item cloning
+ quick definition of product parameter according to selected stock item
+ option of selection to print 1 or 2 cutting plans on one page
+ quick access to data import via item of the main menu
+ accounting document to the cutting plan
+ option to delete some of the dimensions of the component of the product
+ division of import and export
+ export of the cutting plan into a text file (version CNC)
* number of the components in export file XML for Biesse
* record of new format/variant by active filter (initial balance can be re-computed when editing or saving stock item)
* check of the negative balance of the stock item when correcting receipt card
* calculation of the edging strips used in job components divided into more widths or lengths
* calculation of the edging strips in job where bar and panel material is used
* print of sorted list of items from window “Job calculation”
* print of cutting plan for bar materials
* check before the deletion of the cutting parameter
* deletion of unused product parameter
* table slider in window “ Product copy into job””
* job number in document name and on the stock card
* other minor adjustments and corrections

14.4.2011 – 3.03
+ job import expanded for product parameter import and instructions of its copying to this job [~(X)~]
+ display of parameters’ dimensions during formula creation for computation of product part dimensions
+ automatic window display with an option to select parameters when adding new parameter into the product
+ function of automatic adding of name/price (if not set) when creating new stock item format/variant
+ print set “Sorted list of items” (in window “Job calculation”)
* automatic import after program startup from command line
* option to disable the rounding of quantities (panel/bar) when using new panel or bar materials in documents
* stock item import
* other minor corrections and adjustments

8.4.2011 – 3.02
* Incorrect product dimension conversion into parameters ( in other registers) when creating new database from old Optimik data.
We apologize for the incovenience. We recommend to conduct a new data conversion, if needed.

3.4.2011 – 3.0
+ first version

Program OPTIMIK®



New version 3.54


We loved the old version and the new version looks even better. The oversize panel cut and edge tape thickness deduction are great features!
Simon Plumbe, Plumbe Joinery

I have been working with the OPTIMIK® program basically since it was created – in fact, it was originally developed for us. Due to the choice of a specific algorithm, the program has already shown very good results in its first version and so, we were very satisfied with it. The program was user-friendly, provided quick calculations and very favourable serviceability of the material, therefore ideal for use in practise. Since then, the program changed, has been upgraded and today provides outputs far beyond our original assignment. Nevertheless, we got used to these new functions very well and now are absolutely satisfied and using the program in extenso. We highly recommend it.
Ing. Jaroslav Januška, HAJANA s.r.o.