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    OPTIMIK® is a high-quality cutting software that helps you save not only time, but also money. It is made for everyone who needs a reliable cutting optimization software for generating optimal cut diagrams for panel and bar materials. If you are one of people, you have just found the right product.

    As everybody knows, time is the most valuable asset and Optimik can help you save a lot of it by providing you with optimized cutting layouts. You can get more parts with less waste from all sheet and pipe matarials as plywood, chipboard, MDF, OSB, glass panels, steel bars, metal profiles, lineal wood boards and others.

OPTIMIK® - Additional modules

Connection to CNC cutting machines
Cutting plans computed by Optimik® can be exported to the following CNC cutting machines :



Via Mondini 72
61121 Pesaro

For the connection to a cutting machine, the software MacmazzaLink is necessary.
Macmazza can supply you directly with the Optimik Professional + full package with CNC interface software supporting all connections for Macmazza machines' software.
This can be all FREE only if you contact directly for a new machine and even possible in more than one license!

HOLZMA Plattenaufteiltechnik GmbH

HOLZMA Plattenaufteiltechnik GmbH

Holzmastrasse 3
75365 Calw-Holzbronn

For the connection to a cutting machine, the software CADlink is necessary.

Biesse s.p.a.

Biesse s.p.a.

Via della meccanica, 16

For the connection to a cutting machine, the software Biesse Link is necessary.

SCM Group

SCM Group

Via Emilia 77
47921 Rimini

For the connection to a cutting machine, the software CPlink or WinCut is necessary.

599 EUR

Cutting plan editor
Optimik - cutting plan editor

With this module you can manually adjust the calculated cutting plan. Parts that you remove from the plan are clearly displayed in a table in the left panel. These parts can then be placed in another selected part of the plan (to simplify the suitable spaces will mark out in color), and you can also choose the direction of the cut.

This way you can easily adapt calculated cutting plans to your needs.

159 EUR

Cutting assistant
Optimik - cutting plan editor

If you own CNC cutting machine without possibility of print labels,this module can be helpful for you. All you need is a computer (or tablet with the operating Windows system) with installed OPTIMIK and connected labels printer you placed directly to your saw.

Here you can display the selected cutting plan in full screen mode. At the same time on the left of the screen the assistant will display the order of the cuts, as well as the dimension that you need to set on the saw. After each section just click on the button at the upper left corner and the given cut will be marked in gray. In case of the cut panel or usable cut offs the labels, which you only just stick to the cut part, will be instantly printed.

199 EUR

Automatic import/export
Optimik - setting of the automatic import/export

This module allows you to use Optimik® in the so called automatic mode. It means that Optimik® imports data related to the job, its products and components of the selected item automatically. After import, Optimik® creates and computes the cutting plan for all these parts. Furthermore, Optimik® automatically exports all pictures and data of the cutting plans into a selected file.

Automatic mode allows you to use Optimik® effectively for other applications also. Nowadays, e.g. the connection with the on-line system eRozrys from NeronIT company is provided in this way.

299 EUR

Program OPTIMIK®



New version 3.53


We loved the old version and the new version looks even better. The oversize panel cut and edge tape thickness deduction are great features!
Simon Plumbe, Plumbe Joinery

I have been working with the OPTIMIK® program basically since it was created – in fact, it was originally developed for us. Due to the choice of a specific algorithm, the program has already shown very good results in its first version and so, we were very satisfied with it. The program was user-friendly, provided quick calculations and very favourable serviceability of the material, therefore ideal for use in practise. Since then, the program changed, has been upgraded and today provides outputs far beyond our original assignment. Nevertheless, we got used to these new functions very well and now are absolutely satisfied and using the program in extenso. We highly recommend it.
Ing. Jaroslav Januška, HAJANA s.r.o.