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    OPTIMIK® is a high-quality cutting software that helps you save not only time, but also money. It is made for everyone who needs a reliable cutting optimization software for generating optimal cut diagrams for panel and bar materials. If you are one of people, you have just found the right product.

    As everybody knows, time is the most valuable asset and Optimik can help you save a lot of it by providing you with optimized cutting layouts. You can get more parts with less waste from all sheet and pipe matarials as plywood, chipboard, MDF, OSB, glass panels, steel bars, metal profiles, lineal wood boards and others.

OPTIMIK® - Other applications

OPTIMIK® is very skillful cutting plan optimizer that in addition to its basic tasks, offers many other options as well: from job register, and inventory/stock evidence to the export of cutting plans for some CNC saw machines.
Nevertheless, furniture makers are quite often missing the visual part that can satisfy their, but mainly their customers’ needs and expectations, and present beautiful furniture designs before the start of the actual production. OPTIMIK can help in this respect thanks to compatible exports/imports of the components from some graphic applications (CAD). Here is the list of all graphic software compatible with OPTIMIK with a short overview:

  • ADeko logo
  • Blum DYNAPLAN logo
  • Hettich Selection Professional logo
  • KD Max logo
  • KitchenDraw logo
  • PaletteCAD logo
  • Pro100 logo
  • Tri D Corpus logo
Adeko screenshot

is a design software that enables you to design kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and any interior space. It is intended to fulfill the needs of rapid and practical workflows of current conditions. With few clicks, you can draw the walls, doors, windows, columns and beams. Then you can let ADeko design a kitchen for you automatically offering various alternatives. It is possible to modify these designs or create totally new designs by yourself. You can change the sizes of modules, door and handle models, colors, textures etc..

You can continue your work either in plain view or in front view or in perspective. ADeko’s screen is so realistic that most of the customers do not even require to render. By taking advantage of the rich libraries you can access all types of materials and accessories. It is also possible to define new materials.

If desired, highly realistic renders can be achieved and the render speed is dependent on machine configuration. After rendering it is possible to make changes to intensities of lights eliminating the need to re-render. ADeko has a powerful rendering engine, but - if desired - VRay for Maya can be plugged-in. At the end of your work you can extract accurate and professional looking proposals.

ADeko contains a function for direct export into OPTIMIK. It runs OPTIMIK from the command line and makes an automatic import.
KD Max screenshot

KD Max
As an integrated solution for kitchen cabinet and all kinds of cabinet business, KD Max helps you realize your design quickly, accurately and beautifully. With cutting-edge technology, KD Max delivers the professional design tool you need to create stunning designs in 15 minutes.

For business end, KD Max delivers accurate quotation and working drawings, to help you manage projects and shorten your sales cycle. By its outstanding features, KD Max became the first choice of kitchen cabinet and all kinds of cabinet business all around the world.

KD Max does not contain any function for the direct export into OPTIMIK, it only enables standard export. However, exported data can be imported by the special function "Data Import from other applications" to Optimik.

Program OPTIMIK®



New version 3.54


We loved the old version and the new version looks even better. The oversize panel cut and edge tape thickness deduction are great features!
Simon Plumbe, Plumbe Joinery

I have been working with the OPTIMIK® program basically since it was created – in fact, it was originally developed for us. Due to the choice of a specific algorithm, the program has already shown very good results in its first version and so, we were very satisfied with it. The program was user-friendly, provided quick calculations and very favourable serviceability of the material, therefore ideal for use in practise. Since then, the program changed, has been upgraded and today provides outputs far beyond our original assignment. Nevertheless, we got used to these new functions very well and now are absolutely satisfied and using the program in extenso. We highly recommend it.
Ing. Jaroslav Januška, HAJANA s.r.o.