Don't cut your money

If you need to cut or shear chipboard, steel sheets or profiles, polycarbonate sheets, glass panels or other bar or panel material and you need to save a lot of time and money, use OPTIMIK.


20+ years of development

OPTIMIK has been under development since 1999. During that time, many unique functions have been added.

Quality calculation

OPTIMIK offers a fast and high-quality calculation that will protect your wallet and saw.

Well-arranged records

Offers and jobs,
product catalog, price calculations, stock, invoicing ... 

Price affordability

One-time payment only, multilicense,
FREE latest versions

What our clients say ?

Are you still hesitant ? You don't have to !

You can download OPTIMIK for free and start using it just now.

You can create cutting plans for up to 30 parts for free and without any registration.
And when you need more, just purchase a license once and you can continue your work.
The value of the saved material and time will pay you almost immediately the amount paid for the license.
And then you just save ...

Author of the program

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