Additional modules

Cutting Asistant

A separate program to help you cut the material. After reading the data from OPTIMIK, it displays the selected cutting plan and marks the cutting order. After cutting a part, with a single click you mark this part as cutted, while the Assistant immediately prints its label. The data on the cutted parts is automatically sent back to OPTIMIK.

Edging Assistant

A standalone program to help you with edging flat parts. After loading the data from OPTIMIK, it will display the list and images of the parts that need to be edged (taped or otherwise processed).
Once the part has been edged and marked, the production data (worker name, date, and time) is automatically sent back to OPTIMIK.

Export for CNC cutting machines

With this module you can export the cutting plan data for the selected CNC cutting machines. It is currently possible to send data for formatting CNC saws of the brands Biesse, Etalon, Fimal (Paoloni), Felder, HolzHer, Homag (Holzma), KDT, Nimac, Macmazza, Masterwood, Rema, Schelling and SCM.

Cutting plan Editor

Manual adjustment of calculated cutting plans. The parts that you remove from the plan are clearly displayed in the table on the left side of the window. You can then place these parts in another selected section of the plan (suitable colors will be highlighted to make it easier), and you can also choose the direction of the cut.

Automatic mode

This module allows you to use OPTIMIK in the so-called automatic mode. This means that the program itself imports the data from the text file from the selected folder. After importing, it automatically creates a new offer, calculates the cutting plans for all its parts and exports them to the selected folder.

Automatic mode can only be used with Optimik Professional version.

Author of the program

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