Cutting Assistant

A separate program that will assist you directly in material cutting. It offers the following basic functions:

  • A detailed display of the cutting plan
    It reads data from OPTIMIK and displays the cutting plan (full screen) including the sequence of cuts and shifts 
  • Parts marking and label printing
    It marks the selected part as a part that has been cut off and prints a label for it on a connected printer 
  • Sending of data to OPTIMIK
    It automatically sends information to OPTIMIK about the parts that have been cut off. 

In addition, it allows you to mark the selected part as damaged (e.g. if a human error occurs during cutting, etc.) and to send this information automatically. OPTIMIK then very easily creates a new job (cutting plan) from such parts.
If your tablet has access to a network (shared folder), the data on the parts that have been cut off or damaged parts will be displayed in OPTIMIK automatically and almost immediately.
The most frequent way to use the Assistant is to install it on a tablet with a Windows operating system in cooperation with a connected label printer (see the picture from one of our customers).

Author of the program

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