Program description

OPTIMIK is a computer program for the Windows operating system.
It is used by a wide group of customers - from small craftsmen to large manufacturing companies.
It offers the following basic modules :

Offer and Jobs

OPTIMIK will help you create offers quickly and comfortably. All you have to do here is enter the products and their parts (or select them from the Catalog) and the program will automatically calculate prices and quantities of all necessary materials as well as cutting plans.
You can then easily create real jobs from the accepted offers, which you then send to Production at once or in parts. Here you can get additional material savings by creating a common cutting plan for parts from several orders.

Products and Parts

You can include an unlimited number of products in each offer or order. Each product can consist of an unlimited number of parts, while each part can also contain several operations and materials (eg multilayer boards with different edging tapes and accessories - handles, hinges, etc.). Dimensions, operations and materials can also be entered as product parameters, so that after changing the parameter, there will be an automatic change in all corresponding parts.

Cutting plans

Fast and efficient calculation of cutting plans is available for all flat and bar materials. You can influence the calculation by setting one of many parameters (eg kerf, trimming, cutting method, preferences, etc.) as well as specifying the input material.


Selected parts from one or more jobs are registered here in a common production batch. Here you can monitor its status (whether it is being prepared for production, in production or has already been produced) as well as automatically reservation or issue all the necessary material from the stock.


Received and issued invoices, advance invoices, receipts, issues, orders, delivery notes as well as the ability to define your own types of documents. Unlimited number of documents of any type, including categories, items and subheadings. The documents are optionally linked to the stock, so they can automatically change the supply or reserve them.


Simple record of income and expenses. Although it is not a full-fledged accounting, but it will help you, for example. with an overview of the payments of your invoices or an overview of expenses for the material. Small tradesmen can also use it as a simplified tax record of their income and expenses.

Product catalog

You can register the assortment of products once in the catalog and easily copy them to each new offer or job. Of course, it is possible to change the material, dimensions or other parameters, which automatically gives you many other variations from each product.


You can clearly register material and goods of all kinds in stock. Each stock item can also contain several "sub-stocks" (for example, in the case of flat and bar materials it will be several formats) and for each of them you can have additional information such as storage location, expiration, or individual price and quantity.

Business partners

Your customers, suppliers and customers in one place. Clearly structured list of your business partners with a historical overview of their contact details and the possibility of filtering using several criteria.

Additional modules

You can expand OPTIMIK with additional functions and options via optional
additional modules .

Author of the program

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