Edging Assistant

The Edging Assistant is a complementary program to the Optimik program. It is installed on a tablet PC used directly in the workshop, where it will assist workers in edging flat parts. You can use it to minimise the error rate and increase the speed at this stage of production. At the same time, you get an overview of production (edging of parts) in real time thanks to Optimik.

The edging assistant is able to:

  • display a list of flat parts that need to be edged (taped with edging strips or otherwise modify the part edges)
  • quickly locate a part by scanning the barcode from its label (or by entering its identification number)
  • graphically display the part, indicating the edges to be taped or otherwise machined
  • mark and display the finished edges
  • send the production information (worker name, date, and time) to Optimik
Author of the program

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