Extended parameters

Each product that you have entered in OPTIMIK can contain an unlimited amount of parameters. With the help of parameters you can very easily change the material of all parts, automatically change the dimensions or numbers of all parts in the product, etc. Through this module, you get the opportunity to use two more special types of parameters:

  • Selection parameter
    In the case of more complex products, it may be necessary to set/adjust several parameters. For example, in the case of a bed, it will be necessary to choose another mattress etc. after changing the width. To speed up the work, you just have to carry out a one-time predefinition of the whole group of necessary parameters and then you simply select if necessary. In addition to speeding up your work, you will also become sure that you have not forgotten anything during the changes you have made and that all the corresponding parameters have been set to the correct value. 
  • Dependent parameter
    Using a dependent parameter, you can assign an operation and materials to parts; they will depend on the dimensions of the part at hand. This will give your product catalogue much more variability without having to define the same product multiple times for each of its "size variants". For example, if you need to assign hinges to a cabinet door, you will want to use 3 pieces instead of two, or even a stronger type of hinge, after exceeding a certain dimension. Dependent parameters will help you with exactly this problem. 
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